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Rei and Asuka
List of MP3's
...and justice for all
better than you
Bleeding Me
creeping Death
devils dance
Don't tread on me
Enter Sandman
Eye of the beholder
fade to black(acoustic)
fade to black(live)
fade to black
four horsemen
guitar solo in memory of cliff
guitar solo
Harvester of Sorrow
Hero of the day
hit the lights
I disappear
jimi hendrix solo(live)
Jump in the fire
Last Caress, Green Hell
Master of puppets
nothing else matters(acoustic)
nothing else matters
sad but true(live)
Stone Cold Crazy(Queen Cover)
the call of the ktulu
the house that jack built
The memory remains
The Outlaw Torn
the unforgiven II
the unforgiven
to Live is to Die
tuesday's gone
Turn the page
until it sleeps
valley of misery
Wherever I may roam
Whiskey in the Jar
s&m - Master of Puppets
s&m - Minus Human
s&m - No Leaf Clover
s&m - the call of the ktulu

aqua - aquarius
aqua - around the world
aqua - barbie girl
aqua - candyman
aqua - doctor jones
aqua - my oh my
aqua - roses are red
aqua - turn back time
aqua - we belong to the sea
atc - around the world
atc - beats like a drum
atc - why oh why
darude - feel the beat
darude - sandstorm (bomfunk mc's remix)
darude - Sandstorm (Original Mix)
mortal kombat - techno theme
RAVE - Trance - Braveheart theme (techno remix)
star wars - darth vader techno (remix)
star wars theme - techno
techno Aqua- The Awakening (Quake Remix)
techno - Matrix II
techno - mozart(techno remix)
techno - rave song
the crystal method - blade soundtrack_club song
the crystal method - busy child
the crystal method - Keep Hope Alive (12 " Club Mix)
the crystal method - Keep Hope Alive
the crystal method - Name of the Game
the matrix soundtrack - lobby scene
Tomb Raider - Them(techno mix)

2 Pac - That's just the way it is
6 - Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
8 stops 7 - Question Everything
a perfect circle - three libras
alice in chains - them bones
apocalyptica - fade to black
apocalyptica - master of puppets
apocalyptica - one
Classical - Mendelsohn -(2) Allegro molto - Pearlman(2)
collective soul - blender
collective soul - december
collective soul - gel
collective soul - heavy
collective soul - shine
collective soul - vent
crazy town - come my lady
danzig - mother
David Grey - Please forgive me
Deftones - around the fur
Deftones - Can't Even Breathe
Deftones - Change
Deftones - Fist
Deftones - Headup
Deftones - One Weak
Deftones,Limp Bizkit, Korn - So This is Love
Final fantasy ix - battle theme
godsmack - awake
godsmack - bad religion
guano apes - open your eyes
i'm a believer - Shrek Soundtrack
korn - shoots and ladders
lifehouse - somewhere in Between
lifehouse - Hangin by a moment(acoustic)
lifehouse - Hangin by a moment
Limp .Bizkit - Rollin
limp bizkit my way
megadeth - angry again
megadeth - shewolf
megadeth - the disintegrators
megadeth - vortex
neon genesis evangelion - Beetohven
neon genesis evangelion - Both of you, Dance like you want to win
neon genesis evangelion - Cello Suite No 1.
neon genesis evangelion - Cruel Angels Thesis
neon genesis evangelion - decisive battle
neon genesis evangelion - II Air
neon genesis evangelion - love antique
neon genesis evangelion - piano
neon genesis evangelion - quartet
neon genesis evangelion - the beast II
neon genesis evangelion - the beast
nirvana - smells like teen spirit
Oleander - Are you There
ozzy osbourne - mama i'm coming home
ozzy osbourne - shot in the dark
paganini - YoYoMa
saliva - Superstar
saliva - your disease
smashing pumpkins - 1979
smashing pumpkins - bullet with butterfly wings
smashing pumpkins - today
smashing pumpkins - tonight tonight
soundtracks - Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
south park movie - up there
sponge - say a prayer for me
stabbing westward - Save yourself
stabbing westward - so far away
staind - Its been awhile
Stone temple pilots - I Am Smellin Like A Rose
Stone Temple Pilots - plush
stone Temple Pilots - Sour Girl
sugar ray - every morning
sugar ray when its over
Sum 41 - pain for pleasure
take a ride with me, no
the turtles - happy together
the union underground - Revolution Man
themes - theme to 2001
Third day - take my life
Time - 3rd day - track 2
Tool - Schism
Tool - Sober
Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Carol of the Bells
Trans-Siberian Orchestra - O Holy Night
Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Revenge of the sugar plum fairy
Yoyoma - Crouching tiger hidden dragon